Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When I was 14...

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...I started working in a interior shop in Sundsvall, I worked every saturday, all my school holidays and when the company who owned the shop opened up another one in the very same town I worked Sundays as well. It didn't pay very well but ever since my mum bought me in interior magazine (also when I was 14, just earlier thesame year, it was an eventful year indeed :) I had had a burning interest for interor design. And from working in the shop I learned a lot. That combined with a huge interest for film and storytelling led to that I studied set design/production design at uni. I'm still SO in to interior design. It's funny to see how tastes changes. I've gone thru so many styles. Even tho I'm a complete bum who haven't really had a home in 9 years... Except for that almost-one-year in Stockholm. At the mo I'm really in to natural materials, black and white tiles, white, white, white, patterns, big paintings with golden frames and flowers. And I do love a bit of kitsch! If I'd had a house I could probably imagine killing for a chesterfield couch. But to start with I'd just kill for a house really... I'm sick n tired of bumming around. And it feels like it's time to start using those ittala plates, the marimekko fabrics and the design house wineglasses, before it all turns in to vintage... :)

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  1. Ja, helt otroligt hur mycket snygga grejer du har som aldrig får använda ;)