Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another one of those mornings...

Left the jewellery at home this morning... Went for a run instead. Gosh! I do live in an extremely beautiful place! All mornings should start like this - for everyone. Beach, sunrise (no swim 'cos it was too bloody cold) and breakkie; porridge w banana, chia, bee pollen, honey, macca, cinnamon and passion fruits and red tea on the side. Yum!
I'm ready for work. Have a lovely day y'all.

Crystal Clear Mornings.

Another beautiful thing with winter is that you can in fact get up and see the sunrise without needing to set the alarm at 4am! I brought my little gems with me and made a spontaneous photo-shoot at one of the stunning sunrises I've been lucky enough to catch lately. Enjoy!
Agate and leather pendant

Amethyst and leather pendant

Crystal quartz and leather pendant

Crystal quartz and leather pendant

Feather and agate pendant

Agate and leather pendant

Agate, leather and silver bracelet.

Agate, leather and silver bracelet.

Copper, leather, brass and crystal quarts

Hemp, shells, feathers, barnacles and feathers.

Hemp, silver and cowrie shells

Unchain my heart.
Agate and silver neckalces.
The agates in the end of each end of the chain fits perfectly together.
Comes in white, tanned and blue

Pendant, crystal, leather and brass.

Wrap around bracelet.
Crystal quarts and leather.

Peacock feather earring

Macaw feather and fresh water peral earrings

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hmm, changed my mind. Winter isn't that bad at all.

photo by Ania Barrow


Just had about enough of winter now.... 
Can't wait to get back to the beach to play a bit of ukelele at the sunset.
On the other hand, a glas of wine in front of the fireplace is almost as good as a beer on the beach.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

photo by Anne Lerfald

photo by Anne Lerfald

Waiting for glue to dry and looking through some of the inspiring pics I've collected from the world wide web. 

Pics from matchboys, style hurricane and free people. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

I've been super busy making new gems and working for Island Luxe in Byron Bay for the last few months. Life is good! Here's a few pics of what now almost seem like older stuff and there's heaps more to come!