Production design/set design

This set design was made by me and my friends Linnea Pettersson and Hanne Steien at Uni 2008. The script was about mythological characters who had created a circus together to be able to survive in todays society. This is the wood nymphs circus wagon. 

A shortfilm I made in uni 2008. The focus laid on set design and costumes but I made everything from script to editing, except the photography that Mattias Fjellström did and the light that Peter Brännstöm sat.

If you know swedish you can read about showcirkus here. Otherwise just enjoy the pics from this show I made the props for 2009. Pics from

I did the props costumes and styling for this comercial for Berners by Osynlig Motion Graphics. Winter 2009.

This page is still under construction, more to come...

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