Saturday, July 9, 2011

Indian vibes


Thought I was going to Sweden for vacation but these last few weeks has been anything but..! Heaps of fun tho, to have things to do, even if it's work... I know that I'm not the kind of person who just sits around doing nothing, if ther's nothing planned for the day I always have a (or 1000) ideas of creative stuff to do! Like this little garden photosesh with stuff I got in India when there doing an internship with a theatre group together with my friend and colleague Wanja . I added some non indian things too, like flamingo earrings from spell, a buffalo girl portrait ring and a lion (of bangal tiger..!) necklace I got for graduation present when I finished art school.
My nice and nephew helped out by throwing flowers in the picture, and that reminds me of another little project Estelle (my nice) and I started the other day... Gonna go to check it out now, might show some pics of the result later..! And then - outdoor breakkie! And then - another 12 hour work day!

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