Friday, July 1, 2011

Mi gems and mi moose

Beautiful brazilian earings, gift from my beautiful brazilian friend Luiza

Moon raven

Heart full of Soul

Ring from Byron Bay saunday market

Ring by LAS

Moon raven

Ring by Celest Twikler, Byron Bay

Heart full of Soul chestnut puzzle nacklace
Heart Full of Soul

HFoS chestnut puzzle necklace

Heart Full of Soul feather earings

Don't think I would have like to bump in to the former owner of this in the forrest... Must have been a pretty big moose. Every year the male ones drop their horns to grow new ones. If they lie around in the forrest for a long time they may turn a bit yellow/brownish and sometimes green (moss). I bleached this one 2 times with super strong hydrogen peroxide, which is the same stuff people use to bleach their hair. When I don't use it to show off some of my favourite jewellery I use it as a chandelier ..!

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