Monday, July 4, 2011

...summer or fall

Shawl from a market in India, leggings and shirt from monki, black mustang bag from buffalo girl, earrings from spell, poncho and big bag w patterns vintage. 
I still feel a bit like I'm supposed to be dressed for autumn/winter even tho we're in the middle of summer here in Sweden. I did get over the jet laggness considering time but maybe I'm still stuck in a seasonal one!? :)  Went to a photo shoot  with my mum this morning, (might post some pics from it later..!) N spent most of the rest of the day hanging out with my niece and nephew! Still a bit beat from last night escapades when I managed to leave to lights of the car on and had no batteries left when it was time to head home after 13hours of work (at 2am).... So, sweet dreams, dulce sueños och söta drömmar.

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