Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back behind the scenes again.

Got up early today to go back to the location of the film set I've been helping out with. I spent my day wallpapering the main character's room. The result was crazy and amazing! Can't show much pictuers of that room since it's still all a bit "hush hush"..! Not sure if there will be an version with english subs aswell, probably depending on how it's received here in Sweden to start with... While waiting for's a few more sneak peeks.

Back at my parents house two super sweet and very energetic kids (my nice&nephew) were waiting. We spent the whole evening skating, riding bikes and playing soccer! Last time my nice tried skating (last summer) she lied on her tummy and pushed herself forward with her hands, heaps of fun, till she drove over her own fingers. Luckily she'd forgotten about that episode now and found a much better technique

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