Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I went to the cinema last night. There are quite a few swedish ones screening at the mo and it want to see them all! Started my cinema-summer with watching Kronjuvelerna (guess would translate to the crown jewels). Oh gosh, I was really worth watching! Such a horrible, beautiful story. I love when reality and fairy tales get mixed up! Other good examples of that is Hakuri Murakamis books, The Wind-up Bird Chronicles and Kafka on the Shore. Or John Ajvide Linqvists books, one of them got turned in to a movie aswell, Let the Right One In, or Let Me In, as the hollywood version is called. If you haven't seen it yet please do! The whole production design for Kronjuvelerna, by Roger Rosenberg was amazing. The set design was very well done and the costumes just beautiful. The best ting of all was that it was impossible to determine in what time the story took place. For example they are talking about NHL but the father wants be an alchemist and the girls are sometimes tripping around in outfits from the -50's, sometimes it's all more modern and other times more 70's! Very contradictory history-wise. Which is awsome! The costumes by Moa Li Lemhagen Schalin was probalby what I enjoyed most out of the visual aspects.


  1. Så den var bra? Fick du in ansökan? Snart ses vi, yey!!!

  2. Ja den var jätte bra. Märklig, men det var ju det som gjorde den så bra! Ansökan fick jag in! Ska berätta mer om det när du kommer hit eller på telefon snart! Åå, ja! Tänk att vi snart ses! <3