Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Pics by Karl von Lithander and Anna Nihlen. Even on a flat day the H-bay is magical.

I'm putting together a gypset inspiration post and it made me think of the "gypsets" I know...  One of them is definitely my "surf mum" in Norway. Anne. She lives in one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited - Hoddevik. The most western point of the norwegian mainland. She is also one of the most amazing people I've ever gotten to know. The other day I got a lecture from a Norwegian guy at work about how amazing Hoddevik is and how freakking good the wave is when it's working. I smiled and nodded, I knew already but it's nice to hear that others know too :) Anne got a beautiful house with sea views from almost all the windows in the building. She's renting out rooms, boards and wetsuits. So if you're going surfing in Norway, don't miss Hoddevik and make sure you stay at Akka surf, there's always other interesting  people there aswell, the vibes are always good and Anne makes the best waffles you have ever tasted! I'm so sad I won't get to visit the magical Hoddevik this year, I just don't have enough time in Scandinavia... This is an award winning documentary (in norwegian, if you don't get it just enjoy the scenery), watch it here
To make a reservation at Akka Surf email Anne at aklerfald@gmail.com or call 0047 57856609.


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