Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The gras is always green..if you keep changing sides

...sides of the eqautor that is. I'm starting to appreciate the changing of the seasons... As I've said before, I've spoiled my self completely with all my travels. I've had summer (more or less) for 1,5 year straight now (central america, scandinavia, australia, scandinavia..) and I'm looking forward to another year of summer (oz again and then problably sweden next summer again) And I have loved it! Still loving it...but I wouldn't mind a little bit of darkness and cold. But just a LITTLE! Like two weeks or so would be enough. My swedish genes are making me stressed out about all this sunshine that needs to be absorbed, appreciated and worshipped! Thats what we scandinavians do during the summer, we activate ourselves as much as possible, we feel like we need to be outside to catch every little ray of sunshine, and during summer it gets dark for about 2 hours, so you can imagine... I feel like I need to stock up as much as possible of those lovely rays for the winter when I won't get to see much of them at all... It doesn't matter that I'm normally traveling most of the fall/winter/spring, or like now-living in the southern hemisphere, the "summer stress" is so deeply rooted in my soul I just end up feeling like I need a break from my "perfect" life before I hit the famous wall.
So even tho I know I'm going to experience another summer very, very soon I'm getting a stormach ace sitting infront of the computer writing this instead of swiming in some lake or having a picnic in a park. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit - or a lot... But the truth is, half way thru this text I closed my laptop to go on a mini-roadtrip and enjoy a super nice lunch by the sea...in the sun. Summer is still my favourite of all seasons but to be able to sit inside watching a movie with good conscience once in a while would be great. If I would just do it I swear it will start raining the second the movie finishes and then keep raining for 3weeks straight... At least. :)
My ideal year would be warm, nice and sunny for 9 months, 1 month of fall, 1 month of winter (with snow and all) and 1 month of spring. Anyone heard of a place like that? Plesae let me know, I'll pack my bags and move tomorrow.

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