Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The fishcakes all got eaten before I took a picture of them, I found this pic here where you can also find  the recipe

In the deep forests of Jämtland my nice, nephew and I went fishing. Estelle climbed a mountain, Milton showed off his superhero strength and then we caught 3 pikes. (to be honest my dad and brother caught the fish since E and M were busy slipping off rocks and filling their boots with mud and the pikes just played with my lure, biting it but refused to get hooked) Might be the ugliest lake living fish in the world and it's all covered in slime too... Something I found out while cleaning and cooking it... The slippery little suckers kept slipping off the kitchen bench. After about half an hour of washing that gooey stuff off the fishes  I could finaly filé them and make thai fishcakes. Pike normally doesn't taste that good so I figured it was a good idea to make something with heaps of spices and other flavours to kind of cover it up. Worked like a charm! The day before, we took the boat out on another lake where E, M and I caught lots and lots of perch. They are sooo yummie, just fried in butter with potatoes and a nice fresh sallad on the side. How good is it to be able to just go out in nature and get food! GOOD food too, tasty and healty, just like it's supposed to be.

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