Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've had a really awesome day today. Finley Quaye has been playing on repeat in my headphones. The sun has been shining from a azur blue sky.  I spent the day on the beach with my niece, nephew and their mum Sandra. So nice! And the water was actually warm! I even went for a swim! Which is exceptional for me since I really, really hate freezing!

Today this little ray of sunshine told me that what I do best is being her auntie!

View over Sundsvall from "the north mountain"

Set design by Anna Olofsson for Kvartersteatern's Robin Hood

And there were horses on the stage too.
In the evening I went to see Robin Hood, an outdoor theatre preformed by Kvartersteatern. My friend Anna Olofsson, who is a very talented production designer had made all the set design and props. Amazing work! A few years ago, when I did one of the periods of internships for my education as a production designer, I did it as Annas assistant. She was already really talented then!

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